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Our mechanics undergo a rigorous training in order to become state-of-the-art technology specialists. They understand your reality as a motorist, your aspirations and your constraints.

See how our network of 360 Mechanics contributes to the quality of our service on a daily basis, in addition to offering you a wide selection of auto parts at competitive prices.

Exaust and catalytic converter


At Mister Muffler, we make sure that our 360 Mechanics go through continuous training in technology and sustainable development in order to combine eco-friendly management and performance when they work on your vehicle. Don’t let the condition of your exhaust system or catalytic converter affect your driving… or the environment.

Question and Answer

I have noticed an increase in fuel consumption, a friend claims it could be caused by a problem with the exhaust system, is that possible?

Yes indeed, it may be that a simple leak in the exhaust system affects the on-board computer of your car, which can therefore affect fuel consumption.

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