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Our mechanics undergo a rigorous training in order to become state-of-the-art technology specialists. They understand your reality as a motorist, your aspirations and your constraints.

See how our network of 360 Mechanics contributes to the quality of our service on a daily basis, in addition to offering you a wide selection of auto parts at competitive prices.


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Maintenance and repairs

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance at regular intervals is essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle and can help you save time and money while ensuring a longer its longevity.

Mister Muffler’s commitment is clear: When you visit one of our “360 Mechanic-certified” workshops for preventative maintenance, your mechanic must provide you with a safety inspection checklist certifying that all critical points have been covered.

Make an appointment for preventive maintenance and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

Question & answer

Before leaving on vacation, what has to be inspected on my vehicle?

Before a long trip, make sure you verify:

  • Brake lights, hazards and turn signals.
  • Air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Vehicle’s fluids: brake fluid, engine fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, etc.
  • The condition of your tires.
  • The efficiency and reliability of your brakes.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with a Mister Muffler 360 Mechanic, should you need more information. Plan ahead and take full advantage of your holidays.